Best Price Mattress 12″ Memory Foam Mattress and Bed Frame Set, Queen Reviews

Best Price Mattress 12″ Memory Foam Mattress and Bed Frame Set, Queen


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Memory foam provides a great sleeping surface. In normal temperatures it is somewhat firm, but when you lay down, it starts reacting to the temperature of your body and begins to mold itself to your shape. Then, weight is evenly distributed along the surface, relieving pressure points and helping you to sleep more without tossing and turning. Included is a bed frame that eliminates the need for a traditional box spring and bed frame. The flat, rigid surface protects your mattress. Our innovative frame provides a full 14″ of under bed storage space where you can store season clothes, sports equipment, seasonal items. Size full 54″x74″ queen 60″x80″ king 76″x80″, California king 72″x84″.


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customer reviews

Amanda  “I was really excited for this bed after reading the reviews but was disappointed when I realized how firm this bed is. When you sit down, it feels very soft, almost too soft. But when you lay down, it’s really firm and takes a while to shape to your body. Even then it’s still too firm and I wake up with lower back and hip pain.

I wanted to wait and review this bed after my husband and I had tested it for a while. I am happy to report that this bed is incredible! Our last queen sized pillow top mattress was at its end, totally dented to the point neither or us were sleeping. Some friends of ours recommended this bed and after “testing” theirs out, we decided to purchase the king size bed. I can now happily say we are sleeping better than ever. I am a side sleeper and my husband sleeps on his back. The memory foam is conforming to your body and supportive and we love we can no longer feel each other’s every movement. My husband did think he was getting a little hot at night so I purchased an inexpensive mattress protector and that solved this issue (I did not notice the heat personally).
    H Salusbury  “This is an excellent deal! We bought this instead of an IKEA bed for a student at university. Not only is it completely comfortable, but the order, shipping, receipt and set up was a breeze! I’ve never seen a bed and frame so easy to pull out of the boxes and set up before. The frame comes in two parts that you basically fold open, tighten a couple of screws and you’re done!!! The mattress comes in a rolled up bag, inside a box. The most difficult thing about that was that the bag had to be cut open! (We would have rather saved and reused that heavy duty wonder-bag!) It’s a fairly heavy mattress, so having someone to help lift it onto the frame was nice. We let it air out for about 4 hours before we made it for the first night’s sleep. Complete comfort from the very first night! *BONUS- You barely feel the person beside you move on this mattress!
      “We ordered the 12″ king size mattress. Delivery came within two days. Had the bed for a month now and love it! It’s so comfortable, I don’t think I will ever want a different bed.
The frame is a very simple metal frame and has a lot of room underneath for storage. So far the frame has not broken and it was extremely simple to set up. I will be buying a new bed frame just because I want nice matching bedroom set.


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