Lucid® 10 Inch Full Hybrid Mattress – Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam – Moisture Wicking – Odor Reducing – CertiPUR-US Certified Reviews

Lucid® 10 Inch Full Hybrid Mattress – Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam – Moisture Wicking – Odor Reducing – CertiPUR-US Certified



Product description

This revolutionary Lucid 10 inch bamboo charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid mattress will change the way you sleep. The natural odor-reducing and temperature-regulating properties of memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal combine with the relaxing properties of Aloe Vera for luxury at an affordable price. The three layers of cushioned foam are supported by 5.5-Inch individually-wrapped steel coils for a soft mattress backed with gentle and enduring support. Bringing luxury to the masses, this mattress will have you sleeping serenely in no time. Protected by a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


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customer reviews

I wanted to wait a week to give an accurate review of this mattress, we’ll it’s been a week and so far I’m very impressed! Previously we purchased our mattresses from the big box furniture stores that want to ALWAYS sell me a firm and my wife a medium soft mattress at extremely high costs. The last one we had was a Beautyrest that lasted only 5 years but cost us $1700 dollars.

After searching thru countless forums & reading numerous articles on how mattress makers are basically ripping off consumers promising better sleep, I finally decided to take the advice of a friend that suggested ordering one online. I was VERY skeptical of the whole process and didn’t want to end up with nothing more than a spare bedroom piece of crap that no one wanted to sleep on. I gotta admit, I’m pretty I’m pressed with this mattress!”



SCOTT L.  “I ordered this to see if it would help my back pain in the mornings. I have been sleeping on a high end traditional spring pillow top mattress for years. After three nights on the matress my morning back pain is virtually gone and I sleep through the night. I highly reccomend this mattress.


Box was torn and pretty beat up on arrival, but the mattress roll itself was undamaged. Mattress was fully or nearly fully expanded in about 6 hours. Space constraints don’t allow us to give it 48 hours, so we slept on it anyway. Chemical odor was slight, but there were enough chemicals being gassed out that my wife got a headache. I suspect the 48 hour time is due more to this than expansion of materials. I had no back or hip pain after waking up – only issue was some stiffness from not tossing and turning all night. My arm wasn’t asleep from laying on it, either. Mattress temp was neutral – neither hot nor cold. It slept cooler than the 12 year old innerspring it replaced.


            Justin Capener  “I’m pregnant and really been struggling with getting comfortable at night along with finding something that supports my back. This mattress has exceeded all of my expectations. The first night I slept on it I woke up feeling like a new person. I also tend to over heat while sleeping and haven’t had an issue since sleeping on this mattress. Overall I’m super satisfied with my purchase.



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