Lyster Platform Bed Review

If you are in need of a bed that will match all your decorating needs, the Lyster Platform Bed is a good choice. August Grove designs furniture pieces inspired by attraction and hassle-free elegance of the country living. They love celebrating farms and the rural living with their items. Therefore, they provide furniture pieces that are a throwback to when the functionality of home fittings and simple life was important. The Lyster Platform Bed features a steel metal frame, a slat kit, and four center support legs. The manufacturer recommends the 14 inches mattress.

The available sizes

Finding that the bed you purchased cannot fit in your bedroom will be disappointing. It is for that reason that reason that you should go through the dimensions of a furniture piece before you purchase it. The Lyster Platform Bed is not different from the others and you have to take the dimensions of your room before purchasing it. Here are the main dimensions of the Lyster Platform Bed. The available sizes include the twin size, full size, queen size, and king size. Remember to take the measurements of your room and the stairways before buying one.

The design

The bed comes in Gold, Bronze, White and Millennial Pink. The price of the white bed is slightly above that of the others – by around $2.50. Because those are all neutral tones, the bed will match your interior design and the theme aesthetics without causing any issues. If you need some colour or pop, go for a Lyster Platform Bed that comes with different upholstery options or finishing. You can also buy mats, rugs, drapes, paintings, vases or other items that can enliven your home without detracting from the bed.

The recommended mattress

The producer recommends the 14 inches mattresses. The bed features a headboard that offers a finished back. Furthermore, the bed has a footboard but it does not come with canopy fabric. It is incompatible with the adjustable base beds. Stick to the recommended mattress thickness for your comfort.

The weight

The weight of the Lyster Platform Bed will depend on the size you select. The full-size bed weighs 48.5 pounds and the queen size weighs 53.5 pounds. The king size weighs 58.5 pounds. Both the queen size and king size beds have a weight capacity of 500 pounds and the full-size bed has a capacity of 450 pounds.


– The Lyster Platform Bed is easier to put together, stylish and solid
– Will provide great value for your money
– Has a great look
– Durable


– The hole parts of this bed resonate and amplify sounds and therefore if you are amorously vocal or a loud snorer you will realize it.


The Lyster Platform Bed is a great looking metal bed but with poor structural integrity. The manufacturer makes the sidebars to fit into the packaging and they, therefore, come in two different parts. The sidebars are not strong – they remain flexible and loose. If you try to strengthen them, you will end up bending them more. However, the bed comes with a good-looking finish. It will provide good value for your money.

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