Olivia Nook 3 Piece Dinning Set Reviews And Buying Guide

The Olivia Nook 3 Piece Dinning Set is a wonderful dinning set that will add that aesthetic look into any living or dining area. The manufactures of the set have put a lot of consideration not only on the design but also on the convenience of the set. The design ensures that you, your family and friends experience to the fullest the joy that comes with sharing a meal. Without further ado, let’s look at what the dinner set entails.


The Nook 3 is a dinning set that combines both the coastal as well as the traditional stylishness. Its small size is ideal for people with a limited kitchen space and it can fit perfectly into compact spaces. It is also ideal for a beach house. As earlier stated, the importance of family time cannot be overstated. With the Nook 3 Piece Dinning Set; it is easy to have quality time with family and friends by simply setting up the dinning set. It is perfect for having your meals as well as conversations. What’s more, the nook can comfortably fit six people.


The dinning set comes with:

. A table
. 1 bench
. Details of the product


The table is a very crucial component of any dinner set. Therefore, it should be of high quality. The Nook 3 does not disappoint on this front since the table is made of solid pine wood which means that it is very durable. The table top colour is white which easily complements numerous home decors.

Seating material

The dinner set also comes with a bench. The company has given its customers a choice of two colours – blue or brown. The bench can handle weights of up to 250lb and six people can comfortably fit on the bench.

Weight and dimensions

The table weighs only 30lb which makes it easy to move around and set up. Apart from the two colour options, the dinning set also has two sizes of benches- small bench and long bench. The small bench measures 18” H by 26” by 16”D while the long bench measures 18”H by 42” by 16D”. The table’s dimensions are 27.38”L by 42.88”W by 29.38” H.

What Satisfied Customers Say About the Olivia Nook 3 Piece Dinning Set

One customer states that the set is a perfect match for their small corner in the kitchen. She was also pleasantly surprised by the very fast turnaround time from ordering to delivery. Another customer was pleased on how easy it was to set it all up without much effort. They continued to say that once set up, she invited 6 (heavy weight guests) for her house warming party and the dinning set was very sturdy.


The Olivia Nook 3 Piece Dinning Set is not only a sturdy dinning set but it is also very ideal for compacted places. Not only that, it comes with high quality table made of pine and either a long or a short bench which can comfortably fit 6 people. The set is a worthy home improvement accessory which will enhance your homes décor.

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