Sauder Harbor View Library with Doors Antiqued Paint Reviews

Sauder Harbor View Library with Doors Antiqued Paint

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The Sauder Harbor View Library Bookcase in Antiqued Paint finish offers ample storage for your favorite books and decorations. It features a distressed finish that provides an antique look with a natural and unique style that will add an appealing touch to your interior design. It features five shelves, three of them adjustable as well as an enclosed back panel that offers cord access. This unit offers an easy-living cottage look and makes an ideal addition to most any room.


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customer reviews

Simon Campbell   “Ok, so I have had it almost 2 weeks now and it looks really good just like the one in the ad. I was somewhat surprised when I saw that it took two guys to bring it to my door but heavy furniture is usually good furniture. It wasn’t difficult to put together but it definitely took some time. I was and still am amazed at how everything lined up, nice even gaps around the doors and the drawer sits straight & even. Perhaps I’m not giving myself enough credit because I don’t feel like I needed to adjust them much after it was assembled. Then there was moving it into position across carpet by myself, that was fun with a tall piece of furniture that weighs 135 lbs. It only took 4 or 5 days to get it and that included a Saturday & Sunday. In my opinion it, it was very hard to pass on. The price isn’t bad (it has come down by a few dollars in the last week) and the shipping was free.


This is a very pretty book shelf. It came with a broken drawer front. Also, read the directions, when putting the back panel on, make sure you square the shelf or it will be lopsided. After contacting the company, they are sending a new drawer front and also sending me a new back panel so it is level. The customer service was top notch and I would buy any of their products again. I can say that this is not real wood, but the partical type, but it looks like real wood and is so nice, prefect for my office! Once again, I would buy other furniture from this company that took great care of me on sending me parts free of charge!


Kristen   “We ordered three of these to make a library wall in a high-traffic area of our home and are very happy with how they look! Assembly did take a while – probably about two hours for my husband and I to put each one together, from opening the box to adjusting the cabinet doors. The adjustable doors were a pain, but I appreciate being able to really fine tune them and make them line up just right, which I did eventually accomplish. The assembly instructions were detailed and helpful and we felt confident each step of the way. Everything was square, with no gaps or problems anywhere. We had a few cracked boards and dented corners on some of the shelves and trim pieces, but we ordered replacement pieces directly from Sauder easily. I do recommend checking everything carefully before beginning assembly so you don’t feel like you have to stop halfway through and wait a week for a replacement piece to arrive if it’s part of the main frame. But, now that they’re all assembled, I expect these bookcases will hold up well for years to come!


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