Soges 59″ x 59″ Large L-shaped Desk Computer Desk Corner Desk Office Desk Computer Table, White Oak CS-ZJ02-MO Reviews

Soges 59″ x 59″ Large L-shaped Desk Computer Desk Corner Desk Office Desk Computer Table, White Oak CS-ZJ02-MO

Product Description

Soges is a US Local Brand, we aims to provide the best products and service to every customer. Over the past decade we has specialized in wooden and metal household furniture. We continue to expand our product categories, most recently into home appliances and housewares. With fifty (50) production lines, we design, manufacture and ship traditional to modern furniture designs throughout Europe, North America, Central and South America, Japan etc. L-shaped design can improve space utilization, double desktop provide enough working space.  Supports multiple monitors and desktop computers without concern of collapsing.  Multi-function: This desk can be used as computer desk,writing desk,office desk,exhibition desk etc.  Overall Size: 59″(L) x 21.7″(W) x 30″(H) Height from floor to desktop: 30″  Three color avaliable: Expresso/ Oak/ White Oak

Product information

customer reviews

Good quality desk. It came with a Phillips head screw driver so that you wouldn’t need to provide yourself one. The instructions to putting the desk together weren’t very helpful. You just had to go off some of the numbers that were pointing to the pieces in the photos of the pamphlet that came with the desk. There are numbered stickers on the parts that correlate with what’s in the photos, that will help guide you in putting it together. The instructions on how to put what together are just mumble jumble words smashed together. Kinda like this paragraph,  If you’re pretty good at Tetris, then this would be cake. Hopefully some of the photos I put up will help guide some of you about where the pieces go and such. You’ll only use the longer screws, about 2 inches or so with the nuts for the desk legs and extensions . For the table tops, you’ll use around 8-9 screws that come in the small zip lock bag. I didn’t take pictures of the bottom of the desk where the screws go, but I’ll add it later on today. It’s pretty straight forward once you get to that part. I didn’t bother using the small additional tower mount piece that came with the desk.

Jenna  “Got this desk in yesterday to set up in our media room/home office. It fit perfectly in our space, so I was very pleased. The 1st photo posted of the product is misleading because it looks like the desk is actually a squared off L-shape, when in reality it is a curved L shape – not a big deal. Isn’t incredibly high quality, but it looks very nice and is quite large. I like that it came with all the tools you need to assemble (a screwdriver and an allen wrench).


Strempe p. “Very nice table. Initially I thought it was a bit light weight but it actually is an advantage. Not very bulky and the perforated holes work well when placing a drink on the table so you do not have to put paper or coaster underneath. It looks great and very nice for the bedroom. Also assembly was simple.


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