SONGMICS Vanity Set Tri-folding Mirror Make-up Dressing Table Cushioned Stool 5 Drawers White URDT108M Reviews

SONGMICS Vanity Set Tri-folding Mirror Make-up Dressing Table Cushioned Stool 5 Drawers White URDT108M



Product description

Are you looking for a unique but practical dressing tabletop this Songmics vanity set.. Color: White. Assembly required. Imported from China , Two 180° folding mirror and a center mirror help you view your face or hair from multiple angles. Safe-oriented corner protect you from hurting. Anti-bump protect your floor from scratching and Comfortable stool surface,sturdy and could last for long time. Vanity table comes pre-assembled for the most part and you only need to install the legs and mirror; illustrated instructions and fittings are included.


Product information

customer reviews

Faithful Shopper  “I LOVE this set!! Needed something for my 15 yr. old as her hair and makeup items were everywhere. This is perfect. I did also purchase a separate swivel backed adjustable chair, ordered rechargeable motion sensor lights and put them on the mirror ( magnetic so removable when she needs close up light), and replaced the drawer knobs with clear diamond shaped knobs. She is delighted!


Sarha moinor “Love love love this! I’ve been wanting a makeup vanity for years and this is a dream come true! Maybe a little pricey but you will not be disappointed! Added different drawer knobs & mirror lights and it is perfect!


Sarah Mast  “Absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture! Very heavy and sturdy. It was extremely easy to assemble- you just have to attach the legs and the mirror. I used it as a base to customize my dream vanity. <3 If you want to do something similar, purchase good quality wrapping paper or wallpaper and use spray adhesive to apply, then use a clear furniture sealer or plexiglass to protect it from your makeup. Also, this stool is simplicity itself to re-upholster. There are four Phillips-head fasteners on the underside of the cushion that you can easily unscrew, and the cushion will come right off. From there, just staple the new fabric on.


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